Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Why I <3 Action Movies

Scenes like these make action movies a pure joy!

SPOILER ALERT: This is the ending scene to "Nighthawks"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ski School 2 saved my life!

Last night Ron Babcock and I were guests on the popular podcast "Jordon Jesse GO!" with Jordon Morris. Netflix Instant view was discussed as well as the film "Ski School 2" which can be viewed via Netflix Instant. The podcast is not up on the web as of yet, but will be soon. At any rate, I made the following challenge to the listeners and am making the same challenge to anyone who reads this note/blog posting:
Go to Netflix and give "Ski School 2" 5 Stars, then write a glorious review praising the film in any manner you wish and let's get "Ski School 2" to be one of the most popular and highest rated movies on Netflix! Much like the "Wolf T-shirt" on Amazon, yes!

The following is the review I just left along with the 5 Star rating for "Ski School 2":

"I was at the point where my life felt worthless. My dead end job was waring me thin to null. My girlfriend dumped and started dating my so-called best friend. My dog ran away, but it felt more like, he just didn't want to be with me anymore. My family was so caught up in my sister's new twins that I was nothing more than a fading memory. Let's just state the obvious, my life was complete shit and I couldn't take it anymore.

I had just finished typing out my suicide note and I was literally standing on my sofa with my neck in a noose, when my foot slipped, knocking my lap top, bringing up "Ski School 2" on Netflix. The movie started and I found myself laughing and slowing climbing down from my extension cord noose.

When the movie had ended, there was a scratch at the door. It was my dog with a very attractive woman, who introduced herself as French Lingerie model, Jasmine. I quoted some lines from "Ski School 2" and before I knew it, Jasmine and I were in the throws of a passionate evening of love making. The next day, I walked into work and changed the desktop to my computer to that of the "Ski School 2" movie poster, which caught the eye of a passing CEO, who also loved the movie and give me a promotion right there on the spot!

That was two weeks ago and right now I am happily married to Jasmine, the vice president of a major corporation and the father of two wonderful kids! Oh and my dog? He's great, makes me breakfast every morning. I owe it all to "Ski School 2"!"

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lone Wolf in The Independent Television Festival!

"The Lone Wolf", will be on the BIG SCREEN as apart of the Independent Television Festival- July, 30th- Aug. 6th in Los Angeles at the Laemmle's Sunset 5.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gems of LA

Things I have noticed since going to The Gym!

I joined 24 Hour Fitness a little over a month ago and thusfar have been "working out" as they say at least three times a week.  The Gym is an interesting place and a place unlike I have been in some time.  Not since highs school have I been in a Men's Locker Room or even attempted to lift a weight.  At first, I thought I was going to throw up- I was so sore and exhausted.  I literally said, "I just got back from the gym and boy I my EVERYTHING tired!"

But as the work outs continued, I learned how machines worked and how exercising is most effective.  I started to really enjoy the feeling after a good work out.  Now, I'm no Adonis, but I started to notice the more I exercised the more confident I was, the less stressed I was, the less worried about the stupid little things in my life I was.  It was a great feeling and I started walking with my head up high, with better posture- I felt like an Adonis in training!

It is a weird feeling.  I do sort of stick out at the gym in my Nebraska gym shorts, old t-shirts, white sweat socks, wearing my glasses with a headband to help keep the sweat out of my eyes and also hold on my glasses.  But I get by, tuning out and listening to my iPod as I use the machines- "3 sets of each exercise", my personal trainer tells me.  "That's the only way to get results."  Of course now a days, I spend 2/3rds of my gym time without my trainer as I am finally able to work out on my own having learned what to do to get the results I desire.  Its a great feeling and as  video game junkie I never thought I'd say this, but I would highly recommend joining a gym and working out at least twice a week.

If you do, here's a few things I have notice since going to The Gym.

There's nothing like the sound of an iPod falling to the floor as someone accidently drops it while running o the treadmill.  

It seems that the older one is, the more comfortable he is with his nudity.  I'm talking about the locker room here.  I dunno about the ladies locker room, but in the men's there's a lot of full frontal going on and for periods longer then they should be.  I am thankful I have such poor eyesight, I just remove my glasses and take care of my own dressing- Blurry pink blobs are much better than old wrinkly sexual organs.

If you like CNN or "Everybody Loves Raymond", then you'll love running on the treadmills.

And finally, pardon the dog in me, but the most attractive women in the world are the ones that are physically fit.  Woof!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Complete "Lone Wolf" Web Series!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Sam Elliot stops the Jet

If you think Sam Elliot is a pussy, think again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Small Compilation of Work